The Mandalika Project

Sunyi Villas close proximity to Mandalika project benefits the project location enormously from the on-going upgrades to western standard infrastructure (roads, electricity, fiber-optic lines, telecommunication) constructed literally to the entrance Sunyi Villas, growing worldwide recognition of the Mandalika project shall foster increased tourism arrivals and feed a greater demand for private luxury villa rentals that are within walking distance to Kuta's best restaurants.

What is the Mandalika Project?

The Mandalika Project is a government sponsored and supported development project, managed by the same organisation responsible for the hugely successful Nusa Dua in Bali. It is made up of 1035 hectares of contiguous land set aside for an integrated development plan. The plan includes over 7 kilometers of beaches, several international hotels, a golf course and a marina.

The resort is backed by international big names. Pullman, Club Med and Royal Tulip have already broken ground. The water desalination plant is installed. Everywhere you look within the ITDC development area there is development activity and completion of the first major hotels is scheduled for 2018.

Why is Mandalika so Important for Sunyi Villas?

The Mandalika project is literally on our doorstep.  Today you have the opportunity to buy a villa in a sleepy little seaside town. Tomorrow you could own your own villa in one of the best and fastest growing tourist hotspots in South East Asia.



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