Lombok is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world and Kuta Lombok is at the center of that growth. The international airport is a 25 minute drive away. Once you arrive there are fantastic beaches and beautiful green hills in all directions and right on your doorstep.

And the Kuta property ride has only just begun. President Jokowi has designated 10 emerging tourist destinations on which to focus attention. Mandalika in Lombok is one of those targets and it is right on our doorstep. See our separate page for details of the Mandalika Project. President Jokowi has backed up his endorsement with regular visits to the Mandalika project. 

A key objective of the Mandalika development plan is to ensure the lessons of Bali are learned. The objective is to take the very best of Bali whilst avoiding the excesses. The authorities recognize that the still pristine Lombok is an opportunity but also a challenge. By using the Mandalika integrated project approach the authorities can ensure the development is planned and relatively low density. Infrastructure is being installed or upgraded early in the project – a key learning from the development of Bali.

Another area of Lombok tourist growth is that of ‘Muslim-Friendly’ tourism. As part of the Mandalika Project a large new mosque is being built. The azan (call to prayer) can be heard almost everywhere on the island. In 2015 Lombok was recognized as the Worlds Best Halal Tourism Destination.

Indonesia boasts the fastest growing economy in South East Asia. Domestic tourism is booming in line with increases in disposable income. 

Lombok International Airport is currently served by direct flights from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and South Korea. And this is sure to increase with many Australian families arriving through Bali and others from elsewhere in Asia transiting through Jakarta.

There is a constant news flow about the booming Lombok tourism industry. Here are a few to get your research started…

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